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ESG Audit

Expert independent support for your long-term approach

With corporate responsibility encompassing so many different areas, it can be difficult to manage a company’s overall approach effectively at the same time as satisfying the increasing informational requirements of key stakeholders and investors.


Arko Iris' unique and bespoke ESG audit service provides you with expert, comprehensive insight into your company's ESG strategy, policy framework, governance, management systems, performance measurement, reporting and communications. 

Performance - how your business is performing in this increasingly important aspect of its activities.

Comparators - how your company's performance measures up to peer group and best practice.

Prioritisation - understand areas of relative strength and weakness, prioritising where resource can be applied to best effect

Strategic plan development - a practical corporate responsibility plan informed by the audit and tailored to your objectives.

Nuts and bolts - advice on the governance, frameworks, policies and measuring systems you need to move a strategic plan into practice.

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